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In Apple Health today, users can log not only their menstrual cycles but their basal body temperature, their cervical mucus quality, and results from their ovulation tests.

My Cycles (Free, Android & iOS)

And there are hundreds of free, ad-supported, easy-to-use apps that track menstruation and fertility and simultaneously invite users to track their diet, their workouts, their sex lives, their mood, the state of their skin, the smell of their vaginal discharge. They are mostly glitchy and cheaply made, and the result of opportunists seeing a need and kind of, not really, fulfilling it. In the health category, this type of app is reportedly the fourth most popular among adults and second most popular among adolescent women.

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By , there were so many choices, surrounded by so little coherent information and virtually zero regulation, that researchers at Columbia University Medical Center buckled down to investigate the entire field. Few cite medical literature or health professional involvement. The Berlin-based, anti-fluff app Clue, founded by Ida Tin, would seem like an answer to this concern. It arrived the same year as Glow but took several more to raise serious funding, provided mostly by Nokia in Today, Glow has around 15 million users and Clue has 10 million. This was just after Apple Health launched sans menstrual tracking , hailed as the future of medical care.

There were smart pelvic floor exercisers that could pair with smartphones via Bluetooth. Levy also pointed out that popular period-tracking app Glow, in addition to tracking menstruation and cervical mucus quality and other typical hallmarks of fertility monitoring, asked female users to log each time they had sex, including what position they were in during ejaculation. That app has since been removed from the app store, but others have taken its place.

I had no problem downloading and using one called PeriodMe, which will send me notifications when my roommates are about to start PMSing. In , Glow would remind women who were trying to become pregnant and entering a fertile window to wear nice underwear that day, and it would also remind their partners to bring home some flowers.

She wrote about period-tracking apps in a popular Medium post in Glow was even worse. And those are very different market demographics.

Period Tracker ($1.99/free, Android, iOS & WindowsPhone)

In the current iteration of Eve, the emoji code is banana with a condom, banana without a condom, or a peach, and users can still redeem collectible gems to get sex tips. They have odd design elements, like floating clouds, superfluous flowers, and strange faux-empowering language where straightforward medical terminology would more than suffice.

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Download this app from Microsoft Store for Windows 10, Windows 10 Mobile, customer reviews, and compare ratings for EVA Period Tracker. Download this app from Microsoft Store for Windows 10 Mobile, read the latest customer reviews, and compare ratings for My Period Tracker.

Can you imagine a glucose-tracking app laid out in Candy Crush aesthetics? Of course not! Why not decorate it? The data they generate can also be shared with developers, advertisers, researchers, and data brokers.

In some cases, this data is not even in anonymized formats. Today, the app has 15 million users, and this type of scale is its own pressure: Glow is now the only HIPAA-certified reproductive health app, and its panic was followed by a third-party security audit.

These Period Tracking Apps Will Make Your Time-Of-The-Month A Total Breeze

Unfortunately, scale is also what allows a tech company of this size — and with this obligation to investors — to open a whole other can of worms. If the goal of tech-enabled health tracking is to empower users to make informed medical choices, Glow is a great example of how not to do that. It takes its millions of users on a well-designed, user-friendly, fertility-obsessed road that ends in promises that egg freezing is a logical thing to pursue in your mids.

The BBT chart of your dreams is live in the new version of Glow!! Be prepared to never not know when you're ovulating ttc ttcsisters. Dreaming of an ad-free web? Browse with Brave.

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